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Welcome to the  EPEPNET internet site.

The original Philips Electronic Pensioners NET email list and website dates from 2000, designed and run by Tony’s Bland and Metcalf and Maggie Berry. Now our website is managed by Tony M and Barry Baguley.

"The purpose of this site is to provide the pensioners of the various and many Philips UK companies and subsidiaries, somewhere to share thoughts, interests and memories".
Our motto is 'Information not shared is forgotten' and we hope it will continue to encourage each of you to share your memories here.

Relaunched as E PEPNET in September 2008 pensioners have added pictures and articles from both their present life and from their time with Philips or one of its many subsidiaries.

Our shared interest in the Pension Fund has been overtaken in 2015 by the need to get our pensions into a secured environment. The impending split off of Lighting and the sell off of most of the UK's sites and products have left some 1800 employees in the UK. This is a most significant fall from the 50,000 or so employed during the prime days of over 20 companies such as Mullard, Pye, TMC and many other subsidiaries at sites such as Blackburn, Hamilton, Cambridge, Southampton and Mitcham etc.
The very successful 'Buy-Out' secured by our Pension Fund Managers was reported in our January 2016 News.

Also launched in the January 2016 News are the Archives, triggered by Les Holden's collection of Philips publications and augmented by Tony Slaymaker's assortment of memorabilia.

Under ARCHIVES you will find and read these historic Philips Electronics UK papers, a sample of which are shown in the display. These will go some way to  rectifying the airbrushed history outlined on the current Philips UK site.
Links to other publications are also made available.

The archives join two major websites, one illustrating the rich and wide history of the Pye Group and its subsidiaries  and the second detailing the history of Philips Records.
The Pye Museum Project  and the History of Philips Ltd & Phonogram (UK) websites give the detailed informtion.
(See the Archive or the Links page)

 Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this site, we accept no responsibility for any use made of the information provided and we shall not be liable for any loss suffered thereby. All pages, documents and graphics on the EPEPNET INTERNET SITE are copyright. Except where indicated otherwise, the copyright belongs to the site publisher.
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